Garage Door Expense – 4 Things That Could Determine The Cost Of The Door

Buying a new garage door isn't one of those purchases that you want to hurry through. It takes time to find the door that will not only look great on your garage, but will also perform well and last a long time. Below, you will find information that will help you understand the differences between a garage door that costs $400 and one that costs $1,200.


Brand names have a lot to do with the cost of most products. One reason that one brand can cost much more than another is the fact that the company has an outstanding history and customer satisfaction record. Sometimes, the brand reflects the quality of the product and the level of warranty protection offered. A warranty is only as good as the company that offers it – you want to buy a garage door from a company that will stand behind their product and honor the warranty that they offer making the bigger investment worth it.


Garage doors are constructed using a variety of materials. Steel, vinyl, wood and aluminum are all commonly used in the manufacturing of garage doors. Oftentimes, the most affordable option is an aluminum door with the most costly option being custom-built wooden garage doors. The average aluminum garage door costs between $400 and $700 and a top-of-the-line custom wood door will cost upwards of $2,500.

In this case, the most expensive option might not be the best option. Those wooden garage doors will require quite a bit of maintenance over the years. You will need to clean and seal the door every year to prevent rot, mold and mildew growth and overall failure.


Of course size will play a role in the overall cost of your garage door. If you only need a single-car garage door, you will pay much less than you would if you needed a double-car garage door. If the garage opening is an odd size, you will pay more for the garage door as it will need to be custom made to fit.


Insulated garage doors will cost more than those that are not insulated. More materials and labor goes into constructing the garage doors that are insulated, but the investment is usually worth it. You will have fewer issues with uncontrolled temperatures and moisture in your garage with an insulated garage door.

The best way to find the garage door that will provide you with what you need and look great is to talk with your local garage door expert and discuss what you want from your garage door. He or she will be able to guide you to finding the door that fits your budget and your needs.