What You Should Never Do When Using Your Garage For Storage

One of the awesome things about owning or renting a home, instead of living in a condo or an apartment, is the amount of space for your stuff! Not only do houses offer more rooms for living and enjoying yourself, but they also offer a lot of storage options. Many people choose to use at least part of their garage as a storage space.

Never Store Candles in the Garage

While you may want to hold onto candles that are too pretty to burn or have other sentimental value to you, it's never a good idea to use your garage to store them in. Candles will likely melt during the hot months if left in the garage.

Never Put Boxes Near the Garage Door

It can be tempting to treat your entire garage like a storage locker. However, it's important to realize that this is a unique space, and there are some areas that you need to keep clear. Don't store anything within a foot of the garage door.

Also, watch out for the mechanics of the garage door and any automatic garage door opener, or you may soon be in need of garage door repair services. Don't place boxes near electric plugs for the garage door opener, and avoid stacking boxes so high that they come near the chain or other mechanical aspects of the garage door. That can block the door and even do damage to the garage door.

Never Store Food or Perishable Items in the Garage

Some people make the mistake of buying food in bulk, then storing it in their garage. However, that is not a good idea. You may attract ants and other pests into your garage when food is there. Also, because temperatures in a garage tend to get very high in the spring and summer, stored food may rapidly go bad or become unsafe to eat.

Never Keep Propane Gas in the Garage

Because you want to be sure that you have enough propane gas when it's needed for summer cookouts and other uses, you may think that storing it in the garage would be a smart, convenient choice. On the contrary, it can be dangerous to store propane in your garage, especially if your car is also kept there. Propane should only be stored in well-ventilated areas.

Finally, keep in mind that you shouldn't rule out the many possibilities for storing extra stuff in your garage. As long as you follow these tips and are careful about how you store your boxes in the garage, it should be a good and safe place for your possessions for years to come. Contact a business, such as Duncan Door Service Inc, for more information.