2 Qualities To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A New Garage Door

The basic function of a garage door is so simple--to open and close at the push of a button--that it can be easy to overlook the fact that not all garage doors are created equal. Thus, when upgrading, many people end up saddled with a less than ideal replacement. If you are in the market for a new garage door and would like to learn more, read on. This article will introduce two qualities to take into consideration.

Noise Level

Garage doors generally only get updated once or maybe twice in the lifespan of the average home. For that reason, most homeowners don't have a lot of exposure to the diversity of door styles--or door noises. It is therefore good to be aware that a large spectrum exists where the loudness of a garage door is concerned.

This spectrum is a reflection of the fact that a particular garage door may utilize one of three primary drive types:

  • chain drive
  • screw drive
  • belt drive

By far the most common type--as well as the loudest--is the chain drive. These consist of a long bicycle-like chain, which is responsible for supplying the power to lift and close the door. These chains are notoriously high volume, and tend to produce an annoying rattle.

Be aware that screw and belt drives produce much less obnoxious noise when operating. Belt drives are especially silent--a fact which often results in a slightly higher price tag. Yet many consider this money well-spent, especially after years of living with a noisy door.

Door Opener

The idea behind a garage door opener is simple: a remote button sends a wireless signal to the opener, thus allowing you to open the door without having to get out of your car. For those who live in relative isolation, this is all well and good. But for people living in more congested suburban environs, the signals from neighboring garage door openers can cause frequency interference. Not only does this make it harder for your opener to do its job, but it can also mean that your garage door will open up at odd times, simply because your neighbor has clicked their button.

This problem can be successfully circumnavigated by selecting a garage door that operates by means of a dual-frequency opener. Your door will remain closed unless a signal containing both radio frequencies is detected. This virtually eliminates the chance of your door opening and closing as the result of your neighbors' signals. Contact a company like Don Johnson's Door Service for more information.