Should You Choose A Garage Door With Or Without Glass Windows?

When the time comes to have a new garage door installed, you're going to have some decisions to make. One of the most important of these decisions is whether or not you should choose a door with glass windows. Weigh the following pros and cons of glass windows on garage doors to help make your choice.

Pros of Glass Windows

Glass windows do add some visual appeal to your garage door, which may be particularly important if you're in a more upscale neighborhood or if you're planning on selling your home soon and want to increase your curb appeal. If you want to coordinate your garage door with the rest of your home, choosing one with matching windows is a way to do that.

Aside from aesthetics, glass windows in your garage door will let natural light shine into your garage. If you use your garage for any sort of hobbies or work, this can be helpful. The natural light will allow you to see more clearly and will minimize your use of electric lights. Letting the light shine in can also help keep the space a bit warmer -- which may reduce wear on your garage heater or even prevent you from needing one in milder climates.

Cons of Garage Windows

Garage door prices are highly variable and depend on the size of the door, the material you choose, and the type of opener you want. However, doors with windows tend to be more expensive. If you're on a tight budget, you may want to skip the windows so you can focus on getting a fashionable, sturdy door at an affordable price.

Windows also make a garage door less secure, since they can be broken and will then require repairs. Even if the windows are too small for someone to climb through, they let would-be burglars see into your garage and spot items them might like to steal. Keep this in mind if you live in a neighborhood with higher crime rates. It may not be such a concern in safer neighborhoods or if you have a good camera and alarm system.

If you can afford to pay a bit more for your door and are confident that your home is otherwise well protected against theft, a garage door with windows can be an attractive choice. Talk to a garage door company in your area to explore your options.

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