Broken Garage Door Cables: A Troubleshooting Guide

A garage door failing to open can mean a litany of different problems at your hand. It could be an electronic problem, or it could be one of several mechanical issues. Among the mechanical issues that could possibly be affecting your garage door, it is entirely possible that you're dealing with a broken cable. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn a bit about identifying a broken garage door cable and what to do in the event that your garage door cable is broken.

Signs There's Something Wrong

Perhaps the first sign that you'll be able to tell that there is something wrong with your garage door cable is the odd sound that accompanies your garage door opening or closing. If you hear a high pitched whining sound, then check out your garage door cables. This is often times the sound of the threads of your cable thinning and sometimes even snapping. If you fear that your garage door cable is beginning to break, take the time to test out your garage door's manual opening capabilities. If you are having difficulty opening the door, this could also be a sign that your cables are failing. Take the time to examine the cables – they go from the inner sides of your garage door up to the top rollers.

Dangers Of Damaged Cables

In addition to this putting a damper on your ability to open your garage door, thinning or snapping cables can also present a danger to you and your family. A snapped cable can send your garage springs flying across the garage. When snapped, these springs can travel at quite high speeds and can cause quite a bit of pain and injury if they come into contact with a human or beloved pet. A snapped cable can also cause your garage door to suddenly fall or close shut, which can cause some serious damage to anything or anyone that happens to be under it.

Replacing Damaged Cables

After removing the damaged cable, you should purchase a new one. Installing a garage door cable is a relatively simple affair. Pull one end of the cable through a hole that should be clearly labeled for the garage door's horizontal frame. This hole is close to the movable pulley. Thread the opposing end of the cable through your garage door's spring and then loop the entirety of the cable back around to where you began installing it. Your cable should have come with a cable clamp. Securely attach it to the cable and door. You could also have a professional like those at Kaufman Overhead Door do this for you.