An Easy-Peasy Garage Door Maintenance Checklist Every Homeowner Should Know

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you get a lot of use out of your garage door, but you don't really give it the attention it needs when it comes to maintenance. Whether you have a garage door that has been in use for a lot of years or one that is brand new, it is important to give it the proper maintenance so you can get the longest life possible. Thankfully, maintaining a garage door is pretty easy to do if you have a few pointers. Here is a simple garage door maintenance checklist that every homeowner should know. 

1. Lubricate your springs. - The garage door springs are vital to the movement of the garage door. They prevent the door from slamming shut due to gravity, holding just enough tension to support the weight. As one of the primary moving components of the garage door, the tension springs need to be lubricated often. It is a good idea to generously rub the springs down with white lithium grease or another high-density lubricant. Spray lubricants are not recommended because they tend to dry out faster and not provide ample lubrication for the long term. 

2. Check the balance of the garage door. - A garage door should be balanced and level to continuously open and close smoothly. If the weight of the door is off balance, it will be hard on the door itself, but also the garage door opener because it will make it harder to pull the door open. To check the balance of your garage door:

  1. Manually disconnect the garage door opener when the door is closed. 
  2. Try to open the garage door by hand by pulling up. 
  3. Pay careful attention to resistance you feel and look for signs the door is not opening evenly. 
  4. If you notice that the garage door is indeed off balance, adjust the garage door springs to appropriately align the door. 

3. Keep your garage door clean. - One of the simplest things you can do to prolong the life of your garage door is to keep it clean--even though this just sounds way too easy. However, a garage door that is soiled and dirty will be more prone to deterioration over time and the dirt and debris could also affect the hinging movement of the door as it opens and shuts. Use soap and water to clean aluminum or steel doors and keep wooden garage doors free of chipping paint.