Burglar-Proofing Your Garage And Garage Door

Garages are a great place to store some of your most expensive home items, a fact that burglars know all too well. Some focus on finding ways to open your garage door while others break in through other methods. Don't let this happen: burglar-proof your garage and your garage door as soon as possible.

Remove Your Car-Based Remote

When you leave your car outside for the night, you are giving any potential thieves the perfect opportunity to get into your home. How? By breaking your car window or picking the lock to get to your car-based remote. These remotes let you open the garage door, and most thieves are smart enough to know people keep these in their car. Some people might even have them visible on their visors. Trade in this remote and get a smaller key chain remote instead. This way, you take your remote with you everywhere you go, including into the home and away from the hands of a thief.

Increase Window Strength

Breaking open a garage door window gives burglars access to your garage interior, and even if the opening is too small for them to enter, they might be able to use a wire to push your garage door button. That's why you need to take some time to boost their strength. The following methods should be utilized on any window on your garage, such as side windows:

  • Replace the original windows with tempered glass
  • Add decorative window bars to keep them from accessing the interior
  • Install window alarms to scare off burglars

These simple methods are likely to drive a burglar off without them even attempting to break in past your garage door. However, there's one more way that burglars may try to open your garage door: opening the emergency release.

Keep The Emergency Release Protected

Last but not least is protecting your emergency release from being activated. A good burglar is capable of locating these items in a garage and using a wire to activate it. They access it through a window and can use it to open your garage door without activating any door alarms.

Instead of falling victim to this method of "fishing," install a metal shield over the emergency release. This can be a simple piece of tin curved to cover the release -- one that you screw into place to prevent the release from getting activated.

Follow these tips to keep your garage door safe from the busy hands of burglars. If you're worried that your garage door is too old to withstand robbery attempts, call a professional installation expert right away and get a new garage door installed.