Sprucing Up Your Tired Old Garage Door

When your garage door begins to look less than welcoming, it can take away from the value and appearance of your property. So, what can you do to spruce up that tired old garage door without breaking the bank? Here, you will get a few ideas that can help.

Start with an Inspection

You need to be sure that the old garage door isn't posing any type of safety risks. If you have a garage door opener, it must be equipped with the safety feature that stops the door from closing if someone or something is underneath it.

All of the hardware should be inspected for signs of corrosion and wear. If this inspection finds unsafe conditions, you may be in a better position to replace the entire door than you would be to invest time and money restoring the existing one.

Try Garage Door Skins

One of the latest things on the market for easy garage door makeovers are garage door skins. These skins will transform metal garage doors in minutes. The backside of the skin is magnetic and sticks securely to the surface of the garage door. All you have to do is clean the existing door and place the skin panels on the garage door.

Install Hardware for a Faux Finish

Creating a classic wood carriage garage door is simple. Just make a trip to your local home improvement store and pick up some decorative handles and hinges and a can of black paint.

Install the hinges on both sides of the door and the handles on the center. Carefully paint a line down the center of the door to make it appear to open from the center.

Hang an Over-Door Trellis

Hanging a trellis or pergola over the garage door will require a bit of woodworking skills, but it will have a huge impact on the appearance of the garage. You can find instructions on building the trellis here.

Once the trellis is built, you can grow vining plants, hang baskets or even use artificial plants to finish the look.

The most important step in overhauling your old garage door is safety. If you are unsure about the condition of the garage door or the hardware that it hangs from, contact your local garage door repair professional from a company like SMARR GARAGE DOOR. He or she will be able to assist you with making the best decision that both fits in your budget and keeps everyone safe.