Garage Door Repair 101: Dealing With A Garage Door That Slams Shut Too Hard

When a garage door is properly maintained, balanced, and supported, it closes steadily and consistently without getting stuck or slamming to the ground. If, on the other hand, your garage door slams shut, that's a cause for concern and often requires the help of a garage door repair contractor. Here's a look at a couple of the most common causes for garage doors slamming shut instead of closing properly.

Garage Door Spring Damage

The springs that regulate your garage door movement are under a significant amount of tension. This can cause wear and tear over time, sometimes leading to cracks, stretching, or other failures. When a garage door spring isn't functioning the way that it should, the door doesn't have adequate resistance. That can allow it to slam closed, which is a serious safety hazard for you and anyone else that may be around it at the time.

A garage door repair technician can inspect the springs and determine if spring wear is the cause of the problem. If it is, the springs can be replaced. That replacement is best left to the professionals, though, because the tension that the springs are under is dangerous without the proper tools and equipment.

Garage Door Chain Issues

Garage door opener assemblies are usually chain-driven, so there's a chain system that helps to regulate tension on the door when it opens and closes. Over time, the links in that chain can stretch and wear, which creates slack in the chain. You'll know if the chain is starting to stretch because you'll start hearing it hit the metal beams and the door more frequently and more emphatically. If your garage door chain seems like it's rattling more than it should be, and your garage door is slamming closed more forcefully than is safe, your garage door repair technician should inspect the chain and replace it if it's worn.

Garage doors are heavy and hard to control when the necessary safety structure isn't functioning correctly. If you ignore symptoms like a slamming garage door, the problem that's causing it could worsen and cause further safety concerns. Make sure you keep your garage door in the best possible condition by reaching out to a garage door repair technician right away when you see signs like these. The more proactive you are about addressing damage, the safer your garage door will be for you and your family. Talk with a repair technician today for more help.

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