4 Reasons To Choose A Faux Wood Finish Over Genuine Wood For Your Garage Door

For decades, wooden residential garage doors made up the majority of models installed on homes because steel and aluminum models were still in development. With today's improvements in dyeing and texturing treatments for fiberglass covers, faux wood garage doors look more realistic than ever. Find out why a faux wood garage door is a better investment than an old-fashioned one made from wood. Lighter Weight First, switching to a lightweight fiberglass garage door with a faux wood finish reduces wear and tear on your garage door opener.

4 Garage Door Checks You Should Be Doing

Your automatic garage door allows you to easily get in and out of your garage without having to worry about lifting a heavy door. If you have a garage door, you should be checking it for certain things each month to ensure that your garage door is operating properly and safely.  Visual Inspection The first thing that you should be doing each month is visually inspecting your garage door. A visual inspection will help you detect any broken or damaged parts that are in need of immediate repair.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Advice

A broken garage door spring means your door is completely incapable of operating. It can also be dangerous if anyone is nearby when it happens, since the springs are under a lot of tension and can cause injury when they snap. The following guide can help you catch problems early so you can arrange for a replacement. The Types of Springs Garage doors have one of two types of springs. It's important to know what type of springs your doors use, along with their locations, so that you can properly locate them for a visual inspection.

3 Signs You Might Need A New Garage Door

There is so much that a garage door can do for you and your family, including providing insulation during both the hot and cold months, protection from the environment, and not to mention it keeps intruders out of your garage. However, like all good things, they can fade with time. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few signs that you need to replace your garage door with a newer model.

An Easy-Peasy Garage Door Maintenance Checklist Every Homeowner Should Know

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you get a lot of use out of your garage door, but you don't really give it the attention it needs when it comes to maintenance. Whether you have a garage door that has been in use for a lot of years or one that is brand new, it is important to give it the proper maintenance so you can get the longest life possible.